Bath Toy Care and Cleaning

To prevent mildew from forming inside your bath toys, proper cleaning and care is necessary.  Please follow these simple care and cleaning tips to prolong the life and use of your bath toys.

Drain the Water: Always drain the water out of bath toys at the conclusion of bath time. This is especially important with squeezable toys, including rubber ducks and squirters, to prevent water from becoming trapped within the toy. 

Control Humidity: After bath time, turn on the exhaust fan to help humidity from becoming trapped inside the toys. You may also store toys in a dry place outside the bathroom.

Give 'em a Bath: Periodically clean plastic bath toys to protect against mildew growth. To clean toys, soak pre-washed toys in a solution of 3/4 cup bleach (or 1 cup vinegar) and 1 gallon of water for five minutes. Make sure to suck the cleaning solution into squeezable toys (such as ducks and squirters) and shake it around to clean the toy inside and out. After five minutes, squeeze excess cleaning solution from the toy and rinse thoroughly with hot water. 

Proper cleaning and care will prolong the life of your bath toy. However, if your toy has developed mold or mildew because of entrapped water or high humidity and the cleaning directions above do not resolve the issue, please dispose of the toy.