Explore your options

At Infantino, we believe that babywearing is something that should be an accessible and enjoyable experience for every parent.

With that sentiment in mind, we've created a whole collection of carriers and wraps that features different fits, fashions and functions. Whether you're a dad in need of a little extra shoulder support or a mom who enjoys the benefits of a wrap, we have something for the way you carry.

Read about the various carrier styles and see what might work best for you and your little one.

  • Front/Soft Structured Carriers
    The front carrier's design typically includes a comfortable padded "pouch" for baby to ride in, secured by fabric straps with an easy-to-adjust fastener or buckle system. They offer great flexibility, allowing newborns to face inward for security and head support. And once your baby has good head control, you can face them out so they can see the world. While great for shorter periods of wearing, we suggest a wrap, ergonomic or Mei Tai carrier for longer periods of time.
  • Ergonomic Carriers
    An ergonomic carrier creates a structured seat for baby that allows for even weight distribution and comfortable carrying. The carrier's straps are often wider and quite padded and in most cases include a lumbar belt, which further serves to bring baby's weight off the shoulders and across more of the full body. Because this type of carrier distributes the weight so well, it is very comfortable for both parent and baby. It can be worn for longer periods of time and works great with older or larger babies.
  • Wrap
    A wrap is a wide piece of fabric usually worn around your body and over both shoulders, which positions baby close to your body. These are very organic in shape, size and fit, allowing for infinite adjustment for both you and baby. Wraps offer a variety of carrying positions and tying styles. The closeness that a wrap affords as well as the wearer's ability to loosen the fabric and use it for coverage makes them a perfect option for breastfeeding.
  • Frame Backpack
    Because of their rigid frame system, the frame backpack is the sturdiest and largest type of baby carrier. They're best for older babies that weigh more, and set baby up higher so they can see better – which makes them ideal for active outings. They often have numerous pockets for extra storage capacity.
  • Mei Tai
    Mei Tai is an Asian-style carrier that is essentially a large, pre-formed rectangle of fabric. The straps coming off of each corner are knot-tied in order to secure the carrier and make getting the piece on a bit simpler than a classic wrap. The Mei Tai design makes for great flexibility and versatility of carrying positions.