Parenting involves a great deal of daily creativity, which is especially required while traveling. Fortunately, there are a variety of travel toys that can help keep babies calm and happy during long car rides and flights.

Car Seat & Stroller Travel Toys

The best place to start is by using what you already have - the car seat! While babies are strapped in to their car seats during travel, they are likely to become restless. However, our Spiral Activity Toy™ actually wraps around your car seat or stroller handles directly to help keep little ones entertained while they remain safely buckled in. The soft activity spiral features 4 unique toys that rattle, crinkle and swing, while encouraging healthy development. Babies love to practice reaching, batting, and grabbing the colorful, soft toys!

The Stretch & Play Musical Travel Trio™ also encourages these gross motor skills, while keeping little ones entertained with classical music, twinkling lights, a BPA-free teething toy, and easy-to-grab click-clack rings. It easily stretches to fit over car seat bars and most stroller trays.

Wearable Travel Toys

When traveling by plane or train without a car seat, it can be even more difficult to keep babies calm and happy. For younger babies, Wrist Rattles™ may be the perfect solution! Because they are comfy to wear around little ankles and wrists, they are one less toy that parents have to worry about losing while switching planes during layovers or waiting to board the next train. These soft panda and monkey pals are fun to rattle and shake!

Learning Toys

For older and more active babies, staying entertained while traveling becomes even more challenging. As they are learning to crawl, walk, stand, and reach new developmental milestones, keeping them calm and content while seated for long periods of time can be very difficult - but it’s not impossible!

There are a variety of learning toys that can keep babies happy while on-the-go. For example, both the Alphabet & Colors Learning Beetle™ and Lights & Music Learning Fish™ were designed specifically for children between the ages of 6 and 36 months old, a timeframe in which most developmental and learning milestones are reached.

In fact, a child’s brain will double in size within the first year, and by age three it will have reached 80 percent of its adult volume! Both of these travel toys stimulate brain development through lights, songs, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, instrument melodies, and other fun sound effects. Not only will babies stay entertained while seated in a car, plane, or train, but they will be learning and growing, too!

Attention-Grabbing Travel Toys

The Lights & Sounds Musical Touch Pad™ can help keep little hands and minds busy while traveling long distances. Babies will learn cause-and-effect while interacting with the touchpad, as it incorporates fun melodies and encourages musical discovery. It resembles an electronic tablet, which encourages babies to play on their own instead of using mom or dad’s phone for playtime!

Additionally, the Phone & Book Learning Toy™  is absolutely essential for longer stretches of travel. This toy phone book has a large mirror and interactive buttons on the front that make for lots of imaginative phone play! Little ones can practice their pretend play by making phone calls or taking pictures.

When the phone book is opened, the learning content is activated - and the activities are endless! The phone prompts little ones to discover colors, numbers, and shapes while reading a simple story. The Phone & Book Learning Toy™ features four original songs, six fun sound effects, and over forty encouraging phrases! Babies will have fun learning while staying entertained during long flights, drives, and train rides.

Traveling with little ones can seem hectic, but these travel toys can make the journey easier! Not only will babies have so much fun on-the-go, but parents can rest assured knowing that they are learning too. Calm, quiet, and happy babies make traveling smoother for everyone - so relax, and enjoy the ride!