Before deciding to take little ones on a walk, it is important to think about what toys to bring. Not only should they be fun and entertaining, but they need to stay safe and secure in the stroller. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options available!

Bar Style Stroller Toys

When deciding on a stroller toy, it is important to consider how they will attach to your specific stroller. Bar style toys, which stretch from one end of the stroller to the other, are a great solution for strollers that have trays.

The Stretch & Play Musical Travel Trio™ easily stretches across the majority of most stroller trays (and carseat bars when using a stroller travel system). It features three, fun plush characters that entertain babies with their twinkling lights, soothing music, and their unique features. The panda's rosy cheeks glow and play cheerful, classical music. The giraffe offers a BPA-free, textured teether for baby, while the penguin pal is a rattle with easy-to-grab click-clack rings.

Suction Cup Baby Stroller Toys

Toys that stay secured using suction cups are a great way to encourage play in strollers with trays. The Hook, Line, & Sticker 2-In-1 Suction Toy sticks onto flat surfaces, such as the stroller tray, to allow for safe play without getting lost. The colorful, fun turtle features a spinning shell with bouncing beads, keeping babies entertained for longer periods of time. Also, other toys can be linked to the turtles feet to keep them from falling out of the stroller and getting lost!

Spiral-Style Toys

Spiral-style toys are the best option for strollers that have bars instead of trays. These toys work great on car seats as well!

Our Spiral Activity Toy™  is available in two styles: Jungle Fun and Pink Panda. Each soft spiral features four unique toys that keep babies happy and entertained. They encourage the development of the gross motor skills of reaching, grabbing, and batting, while remaining safely secured to the stroller or car seat bar.

Our Wrap Around Travel Pals™ are a good option for strollers and car seats as well, as they wrap directly around the bars within baby’s reach. The knit panda and chevron zebra both feature a fun rattle, a BPA-free teether, and entertaining click-clack rings.

Stroller Toys With Links

Another way to ensure that toys don’t fall out of the stroller are by using links. Our Go gaga! Animal Parade Silhouette Links can be used individually or as a chain of links to keep toys within reach. One end of the links attach to the side of the stroller, while keeping baby’s favorite toys secure at the other end.

The Move & Soothe Chime Pal™ is the perfect toy to use with links! This bright and colorful take-along friend is one that baby is sure to love, with it’s soothing chime sound and textured, BPA-free teether. There are different color options to choose from, and it easily attaches to strollers, car seats, activity gyms, and links to keep the cheerful chime pal within baby’s reach.

Also, the Shake & Pull Jittery Pal™ is a great option for stroller play as well! Little ones will love watching their colorful lion or hippo jitter and shake. Babies can easily tug and pull them down, and have fun watching them climb back up! Their bodies are rattles that are fun to cuddle and shake, and they both feature a textured teether. The lion even has a crinkly mane!

Because the options for stroller linked toys are endless, the Go gaga! Animal Parade Silhouette Links are a must-have while traveling or taking baby for a walk!

Overall, finding stroller toys and travel toys for baby that are safe, fun, and won't fall out isn’t as difficult as it may seem! In fact, it may just be a pleasant walk in the park.