New moms can use all of the support that they can get! When you have a newborn, or a baby who is cluster feeding, frequent nursing sessions seem to last forever. Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, holding your baby to give them their bottle can make your arms and back ache. Because of this, it is vital to have the support that both you and your baby need.

One of the most helpful nursing products on the market for moms are breastfeeding pillows. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with specific characteristics and functions. It is important to find a nursing pillow that will be a fit for both you and your baby. Our Infantino team has some helpful tips on choosing the best nursing pillow, if you haven’t purchased one already, or are looking for a change!

Preparing to Breastfeed

After you have chosen a breastfeeding pillow, it is important to learn how to use it correctly. First, choose a quiet and comfortable space for breastfeeding. This will eliminate possible distractions for your baby during the nursing session, and it will also be more relaxing for you.

Once you are seated and ready to nurse, you will need to ensure that the nursing pillow is snug and tight against your body. It must be able to support your arms and stabilize your baby without moving around or becoming unpositioned during nursing sessions. Some breastfeeding pillows wrap around your entire midsection or have fastening straps, while others simply lay across your lap. No matter which pillow you have, you want it to be as close to your body as possible.

During Nursing

Next, think about how you are going to hold your baby. It is important to find the breastfeeding position that will best help your baby have a deep latch while nursing. The football hold, the cross-cradle hold, the cradle hold, and the koala hold are four nursing positions that are highly recommended, and each of them can be used in conjunction with a breastfeeding pillow.

While positioning your baby in a football hold, cradle hold, or cross-cradle hold, your nursing pillow can be used to support your elbows and lift your baby up to breast height, setting the stage for a deeper breastfeeding latch. If you choose to nurse using the koala hold, or upright feeding, your nursing pillow can be used to elevate your baby even higher, so that they can fully reach your breast.

Cleaning Up

Because babies spit up, unlatch unexpectedly, and milk often spills during feeding times, it is important to clean your nursing pillow often. Some breastfeeding pillows have removable covers, and others have foam inserts that need to be removed and cleaned separately. Others can be directly tossed in the washing machine and dryer! Be sure to read the care instructions on your specific nursing pillow, in order to avoid the smells and stains that can result from dried milk.

Nursing Pillows Aren’t Just For Nursing

Fortunately, nursing pillows can continue to be useful long after your times of breastfeeding have ended. Not only can first-time moms store them for possible babies in the future, but little ones can continue to utilize them as they grow and develop.

Nursing pillows are often used a tummy time aid, helping babies learn how to prop themselves up on their arms and elbows. Also, when babies are learning to sit up unsupported, breastfeeding pillows can act as a cushioned support to help them transition. Even toddlers love the comfort of nursing pillows for extended cuddle times, and pregnant women can use them as maternity support pillows as well!

A Unique Nursing Pillow Moms Love

We firmly believe that a breastfeeding pillow can help facilitate successful breastfeeding. Because of this, our Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow™ was designed by nursing moms, with their own breastfeeding babies in mind! The uniquely layered pillow easily adjusts and raises babies to breast height with three different elevation levels.

Plus, as your baby grows, the height of the nursing pillow can easily be changed to adjust to their size. The flexible design allows you to breastfeed or bottle feed with your baby across your lap (cradle and cross-cradle holds) or at your side (football hold).

This is especially beneficial to new moms who are recovering from C-sections, as a football hold is recommended to keeps pressure away from the incision site. Also, the Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow™ is completely machine washable and dryable, and folds easily for compact storage between nursing sessions.

Thousands of moms love the customizable and flexible support of this pillow, and we think you’ll love it too!