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HappiTaps - Dreami Kitty


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A mix of snuggly plush toy and interactive fun, HappiTaps is changing the way little ones play! Start by purchasing the HappiTaps cover, then download the HappiTaps app from the App store. Put the cover on your iPhone® or iPod touch® and watch your new pal come to life with interaction, games, and activities.
HappiTaps™ bring your smartphone to life. Like a little friend, it will tell jokes, carry on casual conversation, share fun facts, teach educational tidbits, laugh, wink and make faces. Plus, it’s full of games and activities for engaging play.
TODDLER MODE Toddler Mode is like “autopilot”, hiding the navigation so toddlers (18m+) and pre-schoolers can cruise carefree from one activity to the next.

MANUAL PLAY Manual Play lets kids to choose between the seven games and activities included with the free app.